Play It Forward!

Support Essential Childcare

Natural Resources has great products. SF is filled with awesome people and organizations doing important work. There are times when those folx could benefit from the items on our shelves. PLAY IT FORWARD is a project that connects organizations who need family/baby/pregnancy related items with people who want to donate them, via Natural Resources. 
So: pick a cause you want to support, and get them some goodies! Thank you!!!

Natural Resources, a nonprofit that supports families through classes, community and safe products, wants to make it easy for all of us to support people doing meaningful work in SF. To help, purchase the items which have been requested. We will coordinate delivery or pickup with them directly.

Click here to Support Telegraph Hill Neighborhood Center

Click here to Support The Prenatal Yoga Project

Do you know an organization that needs baby supplies? We'd love to help support them. Reach out to us at