Pilot Winter Bonnet with Brim - Saaral
Urban Baby Bonnet (UB2)

Pilot Winter Bonnet with Brim - Saaral

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These pilot-style, vintage-inspired bonnets feature a clean, snug fit in a gorgeous range of solids and patterns.  From feminine florals to modern thread-dyed chambray, you're sure to find the perfect-- and completely classic-- baby hat that you're looking for.  

Sizing: These REVERSIBLE brimless pilot bonnets come in four sizes. Please measure for the best possible fit. With just three sizes, your hat will fit for a long, long time. What a wise (and wonderfully cute) investment! It will change in fit and snugness, but is cute every step of the way.  For a snug, vintage fit, please size DOWN (like our other hats, these run large)

newbies, 14-16in, premies-6m

babies, 16-18 in, 6-14m

kids, 19-21 in, 14m -14y

Care: The cap itself is machine washable, but may shrink if you do. if you're concerned about shrinkage, please hand wash in cold water. Stretch, re-shape, and line dry or dry flat. Remove the ears (carefully) before laundering.

About the design: These caps are based on a timeless style called the coif. Worn for hundreds of years, coifs are very comfortable, they keep unruly hair in order on windy days, and they are absolutely adorable... with a classic look for baby girls and a pilot cap feel for the fellas! More modern versions of the classic coif brought us the aviator hat and the bombardier cap.


Caps are made from cotton, linen, and cotton-linen blends, depending on the fabrics in the hat you choose. 

*** Designed and handmade in Ohio, USA.