Organic SkiCap - Sly Fox
Urban Baby Bonnet (UB2)

Organic SkiCap - Sly Fox

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This skiCap will have your little one looking their stylish best while keeping those devilish sun rays off of their delicate baby face.

skiCaps features:
  • a typical newsboy shape
  • the fashionable flair you've come to love from UB2
  • a design even dads will love
  • a generous brim-- but without so much length
  • stellar protection from sun, rain and wind.  
  • trademark adjustable snap strap-- so the skiCap STAYS on-- no matter how hat-fussy your baby might be!  
  • made right here in Ohio by work-at-home women who are paid a fair wage-- a wage that they set themselves. 
  • and a thick, warm layer of poly fleece (or organic cotton, depends on the specific hat) 

a little more about the skiCap:

A generous, over the ears fit keeps out the wind and cold, and a snap strap keeps the hat fastened firmly in place, no matter what sort of winter excursions you may find yourself on!  Paired with thick, soft and warm anti-pill fleece, it makes for a really amazing, classic look.  Best of all, just like the UB2 bonnets, the skiCap is totally reversible, machine-washable, and 100% handmade in the USA. skiCaps provide fantastic sun protection-- and in a hat your child WILL keep on! 

the skiCap fit:

skiCaps should fit your little one generously.  They are sized to provide a loose, comfortable fit and plenty of ear coverage.  If you prefer an above-the-ears, tighter fit, please size DOWN.  The adjustable snap strap means that you have lots of flexibility for sizing, especially for allowing a larger cap to fit a smaller noggin.  The fit will be loose and roomy over the head, and the sides should pull down below the earlobes.  This provides the best sun, wind, and cold protection, without being overly hot in summer sun.

The skiCap is Urban Baby Bonnet's winter, fleece lined style.

XXS, 14-16in, 0-3m 
XS, 16-17.25in, 3-6m 
S, 17-18.25in, 6-12m 
M, 18-19.25in, 12-24m 
L, 19-21.25in, 2t + up